2017 Tours

Saturday 7th January - Ralph's Roundup
BUI1133, BUI1484, HXZ9781, HXZ9782, LJ03MKC, LJ03MKG, LJ03MKL, SN16OGX and SN16OGY.

Saturday 4th February - The Stotts Superstars
DFZ4646, LUI9981, MJI2379, ODZ4910, A6ESS, A7ESS, A12ESS, A14ESS, KX03HYU, SN08AAJ and UT09CJT.

Saturday 4th March - The Bishop Buccaneer

Saturday 18th March - The 2 Way Stepper
RUI5269, A159EPA, E102JFV, F109XCW, F111XCW, L969MSC, M215VSX, N451HWY and P839GND.

Saturday 8th April - The North Western Hopper
WNF26, RED448, BRZ1013, EHA451D, G100PES, N403ARA and P5ACL.

Saturday 15th April - The Buses of Yesteryear
WLT655, A139SMA, L154HUD, L671OHL, V363JMB, V110LGC, V188OOE, V208OOE and FJ58CON.

Saturday 3rd June - The Aintree Assortment
LIG9127, F15HOW, F18HOW, V539ESC, X111ACL, X378NNO, AW04XCK and GK04NZU.

Saturday 10th June - The Ellie's Entertainer
UYH375, R324WVR, V38MOA, V64MOA, V86MOA, V96MOA, V440MOA, W659CWX and W672CWX.

Saturday 5th August - The Bristol Bonanza
94SHU, 863EXX, 971CYB, YIL8768, L2POW P696GHC, R622MNU, T4POW, X185CHJ and LX53JYL.

Saturday 7th October - The Connexion's Connoisseur
P168BTV, R636HYG, R642HYG, S612KBA, T575JNG, T475KDM, T663VWU, YN04UJY, SP51AWW and SP51AWX.

Sunday 29th October - The Afternoon Gem's
HSV342, G66RGG, P818SGP, R263LGH, R392LGH, S596KJF, LF02PSX, LF02PVK, YC02DHV, YS02YYE and YX04GSZ.

Saturday 4th November - The Midlands Montage
SIL7764, N370LPN, P300JJH, P145KWJ, P536SWC, T647KPU, W151RFX, Y199FEL and BX58GFV.

Saturday 18th November - The Wirral Wanderer
R55ACL, S808BTT, V532ESC, W5ACL, GB03ACL and SN51SZU.

Sunday 19th November - The Glover's Gander
AIG1518, AIG3156 and AIG8338.